Quinton's SUPA IGA

Staff Profiles

Julie Quinton

Store Owner

See "About us" page for more information about Julie Quinton.

Dale Farrugia
Store Manager
Dale has been working for Victory Supermarkets for 9 years. Dale began working for Victory Supermarkets as the main Produce buyer in at the Melbourne Wholesale Markets.
Within the past two years Dale has taken on the role as Produce Manager. 
Nicole Bramich
Assistant Store Manager
Nicole has been working for Victory Supermarkets for 17 years. She has been our second Store Manager for a year and a half.
Lisa Hickman
Store Merchandiser
Lisa Hickman has been working at Quinton's since 2010.
Lisa looks after most of the Merchandising for Quinton's and also most of Quinton's Organic, Gluten Free and boutique products.
Quinton's SUPA IGA 


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